There comes a time in our lives when we have to make a difficult choice on how to best care for our elderly parents. There are many things to consider when deciding on the best retirement living option. Of course, you want to give your parents the best care possible, but you need to figure out what would suit them best. In the past, old-age homes were seen as dull, cold, and limiting.

However, retirement living has changed drastically over the years. Your parents could miss out on a time of true flourishing because false beliefs about senior life have overshadowed some uplifting facts about it. 

When deciding on extra care for your parents, you must assess their care level. However, it’s essential to understand their desires as well. To help you make the right choice, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common ways to retire and how they would benefit from living in a place like Monarchs Senior Living.

Senior Living Options 

When choosing the best care for your parents, you also need to know the options available and how they can benefit from them. So, how do senior communities and private care for the elderly differ from one another? 

1. Senior In-Home Care

Seniors may wish to enjoy the comforts of home retirement, in which case they may be able to hire a healthcare worker to spend part or all of the day with them. Home senior care assistants are trained to help with all daily tasks, like keeping the house clean, eating, getting around, taking medications, etc.

However, they may not be prepared to offer specialised medical or rehabilitative care, and often these services must be outsourced. In-home private care for the elderly is also the most expensive way to care for an older person, so you’ll need a much bigger budget.


  • Being familiar with their own home.
  • Being closer to friends and family.
  • Receiving individualised attention tailored to their specific needs.


  • Potential to be incredibly expensive as care is billed per hour. 
  • There is no quick access to specialist medical treatment. 
  • Often, it may be difficult to locate skilled and loyal employees that you are prepared to trust to take care of your parents.

2. Independent Retirement Living

Retirement housing villages are best suited for healthy seniors who can still care for themselves but prefer to live an active lifestyle and socialise with others their age. Several housing configurations are available, but the most common are complexes with individual rooms. 

Housekeeping, meals, transportation, social events, trips, and modest daily help are all provided, as are additional facilities like gyms and swimming pools. To live in an Independent living community is to have all the independence of living alone but with the comforts and security of communal life and facilities just a few steps away.


  • All-inclusive services and amenities.
  • Low-maintenance housing options.
  • Increased sociability. 
  • The ability for family members to visit at any time of day. 
  • Access to additional facilities is available.
  • Seniors can maintain their freedom and independence.


  • They may be separated from family and friends. 
  • They must leave the comfort of their home.

3. Assisted Care Living Facilities

Like communities for people who live independently, assisted retirement living offers housing and services in a social setting. This option best suits older adults who need help with everyday tasks but do not require round-the-clock care. They may currently live in their own homes and enjoy active hobbies, but they need help with meals, taking medications, getting medical care, doing housework, and other daily tasks.

Some assisted living facilities provide specialised care for persons with early-onset Alzheimer’s and dementia, such as in a highly secure setting to prevent damage or environmental stress.


  • All-inclusive health care providers. 
  • Specialised daily care and access to professional medical assistance. 
  • A secure facility with the retention of some freedom. 
  • The option to participate in activities that are very beneficial to the wellness of one’s physical, cognitive and emotional well-being.


  • Being potentially far from family and friends.
  • Leaving familiar surroundings. 

Additional Benefits To Senior Living

Here are a few additional advantages to consider as you make this critical decision:

  • Constant Evaluation Of Care: One of the advantages of senior living communities, particularly Monarchs Senior Living, is that you may remain in the same community and move from independent living to assisted living to frail care as needed. In addition, since there are already employees and resources in place, the level of care and number of services can be increased as required.
  • Relief On Family: Families can concentrate on connections rather than care requirements since they no longer have to be preoccupied with:
    • Arranging appointments. 
    • Hiring extra care and supervising them.
    • Managing funds.
    • Stressing about the well-being of their parents. 

Security, safety, and peace of mind are fundamental. If anything occurs, individuals, nurses, and personnel can assist.

  • Maintaining Freedom With The Convenience Of 24/7 Care Close By: People assume they’ll lose their independence when, in reality, assisted living facilities can help retain independence. This way, elders are no longer bound to their home upkeep and money pit bills, nor are they forced to depend on themselves for safe transportation and even moving across the house. 

Without the burden of caring for everything themselves, they can make room for creativity, independence, and prosperity to enjoy retirement living.

Who Would Benefit From 24/7 Health Care?

Assessing the degree of care your parents may need in their later years is never easy. Old age retirement homes provide complete medical health plans with trainers and personnel available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in a specialised assisted care facility or independently within the village. 

Everyone on the property would have access to medically trained personnel who would be prepared to handle any medical emergency anytime, providing you with the peace of mind your parents deserve.

Choosing The Right  Retirement Living Options

The first step in deciding whether your parents need senior housing or care at home is to find out what they need. This is a continuous, long-term choice that requires considerable planning time. Next, consider how much help you and your family can give and where additional support might be necessary. You may need more monitoring or on-call help than someone nearby can give you monthly, weekly, or even daily. Before your loved one is admitted, our medical staff will determine exactly how much care they need.

Monarchs Senior Living offers elegant retirement communities with a full range of care options, such as independent living, assisted living, fragile care, and dementia care, as well as kind and professional staff, access to medical care, and a lot of amenities. Get in touch today or book a tour of our independent retirement living establishment in Bryanston.