How To Prepare Your Parents For A Smooth Transition To Senior Living in a Retirement Home

Moving out can be overwhelming, whether moving out of the family home or scaling down post-retirement. For seniors, the move from their long-life family home to an assisted living community can be a daunting change. Going through their items, saying goodbye to a familiar and sentimental environment, and adjusting to a new way of living can cause some initial stress. 

However, with these tips, you can assist your loved one with moving to senior living communities and retirement homes smoothly.  

Allow Time For The Idea To Become Comfortable 

Beginning the transition process early can significantly reduce the stress of moving out of familiar surroundings. Moreover, consider their reaction to the idea of assisted living. Perhaps they would prefer to be involved in the searching and moving process. Regardless, allowing time for the idea to sink in will give them room to come to terms with the change ahead and hopefully make the moving day less daunting, until they settle into their new space. 

Select Their Favourite Belongings For The New Space 

The new space will likely be smaller than the home they are moving from, and choosing the best items to decorate the environment with will create a sense of familiarity and comfort. Downscaling should always be handled gently, and one way to ease the process is to avoid forcing your loved ones to part ways with sentimental items. Allow them the opportunity to choose some of these items that will accompany them to their senior living and retirement home.

Assist With Admin Tasks

This change can be an emotionally triggering experience for seniors, and any help with logistics and admin-based tasks can alleviate some pressure from their shoulders. Helping them keep track of bills, sort out utilities, and schedule help will lighten the load and make them feel cared for, appreciated, and less overwhelmed. 

Make Yourself Available at the Retirement Home 

During their first couple of days of being a part of their new home and community, you must make yourself available to ensure that they are settling in properly. Have a meal with them, join in for activities or explore the grounds together. This gesture will go much appreciated, even if they insist that they are okay. 

Spending time in the facility will also grant you the time to get to know the caregivers and staff and become familiar with the grounds. Building respectful relationships with these members can help provide unified care and support for your loved one. 

Planning visits and ensuring that other family members schedule in time to visit are fantastic ways to ensure that your parent stays connected to family and the outside world. Senior living communities provide a safe and comfortable environment for loved ones to retire in, and it’s essential that the proper preparation is in place to ensure the move is as stress-free as possible. 

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A lady helping her elderly mother move into a retirement home