Maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle is vital to our wellness and longevity at any age, and it should be no different in your senior years within a retirement living community. If you were involved in sports and fitness in your youth, you may feel like old age has sprung upon you out of nowhere. You might need to just adjust your activity level. 

As your body adjusts to its natural ageing process, you may need more assistance than you did before. However, moving into a retirement living community does not mean giving up your independence or active lifestyle. Here’s how you can thrive in a comfortable senior housing facility like Monarchs.

Fitness & Wellness Activities for an Active Lifestyle

The beautiful thing about ageing is that we take it in our stride and your spirit never has to fade, even if your energy levels might deplete somewhat. In an assisted senior living environment like Monarchs, you can keep up your physical activity according to what you can manage. There is peace of mind knowing that there are trained professionals nearby at all times to assist you when needed. 

You can sit outside in the natural beauty of our communal gardens, and have the option of doing your own housework and garden maintenance. Alternatively, join a yoga class to maintain your flexibility and sense of well-being. If at any time you feel tired or need emergency help, there will be someone to make sure you are safe and well taken care of. This takes place without you even having to leave the property.

Maintain Your Independence 

We understand that it’s not easy to give up your independence. You’ve lived most of your life driving yourself, doing your own shopping, cooking and cleaning. The adjustment to a dependent life can seem scary. However, at Monarchs, you can stay as independent as you want to be at any given time in your senior years. It is helpful to adjust your view to see it differently. Instead, this is someone taking care of the cooking and dishes, so that you can simple relax and enjoy.

Enjoy a private unit with your own parking bay, staying independent. Otherwise, make use of our weekly shuttle service to transport you to the nearest mall for your needs. If autonomous living is important to you, you have the privacy and freedom to do this at Monarchs. You also have the option to call on us for assistance with your cleaning and garden maintenance. This is the beauty of active living and thriving at a private retirement home like ours with assisted living care.

Get in touch with us at Monarch Senior Living in Bryanston. Find out more about how we support active, fulfilling lifestyles and independent retirement living for seniors.

Our elders keeping an active lifestyle in the retirement living studio

Our elders keeping an active lifestyle in the retirement living studio with their arms facing downards